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AM Bakugo and Deku discussed the quirks of predecessors. Bakugo said “Blackwhip ain’t so strong” and AM agreed, saying previous users of OFA didn’t originally have strong quirks, but it was the fighting with AFO where entrusted people met trusted people. (? The Chinese was weird here) AM told Bakugo and Deku that Nana’s quirk was to float.

After the conversation, they got back to dorms. They have a class interaction session, eating and drinking together. After that, Deku felt thankful for the care of his class. Everyone looked forward to being second years, as they will have juniors now.

AM and Eraserhead are talking outside dorms. AM crestfallenly said he has decided to live (??) Eraserhead says “how could you say that? This weak excitement (?) surging up when the students are growing up, I feel tortured by the fact I won’t be able to do much for them” Eraserhead says that AM has helped a lot, even staying alive empowers/inspires many people.

Next, the flowers of spring bloom, it is now the last week of March, this day, heroes disappeared from the streets.

Shits about to get real my guys. Also Nana’s quirk having to do with floating gets me wondering if Uraraka will get involved.

Black Whip user’s name is Manawa Daigoro / Hero Name: Lariat

Stockpile (OFA)
Super senses( can enhance one of his five senses while the others get shut down)
Green fingers ( shoot seeds from his fingers that turn into plants he can control)
Density (he can ether be weightless or super heavy)
Black Whip
Memories( he can see other people’s memories by touching them)
Levitation (Nana’s Quirk)

Ou discussed the personality of the previous OFA. During the discussion, he said that the personality of the black whip is not very strong. Ou answered yes, the heirs of the previous generations ofa were not originally people with strong personalities, but were at war with afo. The entrusted person and the entrusted person constantly appear in it. Ou also told the two that Nana’s personality was floating.

After the discussion, they returned to the dormitory, and everyone held a class exchange meeting to eat and drink together. During the class meeting, I felt that I was very much taken care of by this class. Everyone looks forward to life after the second grade, because there will be younger generations.

Ou Hexiang talked outside the dormitory, and Uncle Ou said with some discouragement that I decided to survive. “How do you say … that kind of powerlessness surging up, while the students grow up, I am being tortured by the anxiety of” nothing can be done for them “.” Aizawa told Ou that you can help It just gives a lot of people strength just by being alive.

Then the spring blossomed and the time came to late March. On this day, the heroes disappeared from the street.

We were gonna meet Stain but it was delayed gdi!! now I wonder how anime is gonna fix not showing him in Tartarus when AM&AFO talked. I don’t remember them mentioning he survived the incident in the anime at the end of his arc? I could be wrong…

The heroes are fighting the Liberation Front somewhere and that’s why they disappeared

Real Name: Daigoro Banjo
Quirk: Black Whip He was skilled at capturing people and moving through the air with his Quirk, a rope-like energy that came out of his body.

All Might: Unfortunately I couldn’t find any leads on the 2nd and 3rd successors.
All Might: (something something) and I couldn’t go through the records.
If they knew the Quirks would remain I’m sure the predecessors would have left something but…
Bakugo: Whatever, I don’t care, get to the point! I don’t want to waste my precious time on you guys!

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